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Costa Rica Vacation villa rainforest in one of the most biologically diverse areas on earth, there is a paradise that only God could have imagined.  The Pacific Ocean stretches out to the horizon.

In the distance one can see the tip of Panama across the Gulfo Dulce.  Behind you are acres of primary forest teaming with wildlife. Below are magnificent beaches with some of the best fishing and surfing the world has to offer.

Built over 500 feet above the sea, Tres Palmas catches the cooling tropical breezes coming from the Gulfo Dulce and Pacific Ocean.  The sound of the surf rolling in the distance, scarlet macaws calling to their mates, while howler monkeys cavort overhead, lull you into a sense of harmony with nature.

In the midst of this spectacular setting, a secluded and exotic house has been built  in modern Spanish style under a massive palm thatched roof.

The area was once home to the Brunca Indians that settled in southern Costa Rica and the western part of Panama.  Pieces of native pottery can be found by those that care to look.  The Indians considered this a holy place and many who stay here find a spiritual peace that is quite uplifting.

Our property is home to four types of monkey, hundreds of bird species, sloth, iguana, anteaters, and a myriad of other animal and plant species. This magical place offers the rare opportunity to experience nature at its most spectacular and unspoiled.

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