Bird Watching

The Osa Peninsula is a bird watchers paradise and home to over 360 bird species including the healthiest population of Scarlet Macaws in Central America. The lowland bird watch area offers birds such as manakins, contingas, honeycreepers, toucans, macaws, crested-eagle, harpy-eagle, warblers, plovers, sandpipers and vireos.

The rainforest bird watch area offers birds such as trogons, motmots, hummingbirds and many more. The Osa lies at the center of the South Central American Pacific slope, which birdlife international classifies as one of the most important endemic/bird areas in the world.

The tour location has primary rainforest, secondary forest, and coastal area. The tour begins at the entrance to Matapalo, where you can hike approximately 15 minutes to and meet the guide. Bring comfortable shoes, sunscreen, a hat and water bottle. 

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