Dolphin and Whale Tours

The Dolphin and Whale Tour departs from the Puerto Jiménez dock and will take you out into the Gulfo Dulce and over to the north-east coast of the bay. Some people call this side Jurassic Park, as there are massive sheer cliffs dropping right into the sea. In these waters you will see spinner, bottle nose, and spotted dolphins, which are residents to the Golfo Dulce. Most dolphin species are present year-round in the bay.

During the tour, you will search for humpback (during migration seasons), pilot whales and from Jan-March, you may see some whale sharks feeding on the plankton blooms.  Costa Rica’s most iconic and oft spotted whale, the humpback, spends more than eight months a year in these waters – the longest humpback whale season in the world! Humpback whale migration is typically from late July-October and again in December-March. The experience is everlasting and unforgettable and highly recommended by Tres Palmas.

The Capt.’s has cold water and fresh fruit for a lunch break on a deserted island somewhere in the Golfo Dulce.

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