What To Bring

Cameras And Binoculars

We have a pair of Binoculars but they stay in the Rancho or Marvin keeps them at night. You might have to ask for them so nice to have a pair of your own. There are lots of animals to observe and at certain times of the year you can see several species of whales, especially Hump-back whales and Orcas flocking in the ocean in front of you. If you can bring a pair of your personal Binoculars to take on your tours, that would be ideal. Cameras are a must for all that you will be seeing. Don’t forget the cables/batteries.

Hiking Boots

Bring a decent pair of boots to hike in. No one needs a blister to spoil their vacation. Some people like Tevas and you can walk in the rivers up to the waterfalls with them. At the beach, flip-flops are great except when hiking.

Water Shoes

Bring water shoes if you want to hike up or take a tour to see any of the several waterfalls in the area. You’ll need them, even going to the beach, as it is rocky in some places and areas.


Everyone needs to have a flashlight, especially kids, but adults too!!! You can buy them almost everywhere. LED’s are great and highly recommended. They have some on Head-Bands that are popular here and most are very cheap. When leaving, you could leave them for the staff as a bonus, they would like that. Bring extra batteries as it gets very dark as there no city lights around. It generally gets dark around 5:30-6:00 pm every night and if you do the Night-Hike Tour you will need one.

Sunscreen, Shampoo, Soap And Toiletry Items

They have a wide selection at the grocery store so there is no need to bring any along unless you can’t live without your designer brands. Bring Only Travel Size Items

Hair Dryers And Curling Irons

Please don’t plan to bringing them to Tres Palmas. We are on solar energy and they are VERY high energy users.


Think casual, active wear and quick dry fabrics as most days are warm to hot depending on the time of year. So bring your shorts and light tops, sunhats, visors and sunglasses... there is lots of Sun in Costa Rica. Evenings can sometimes be a little cool, especially if it rains, so bring a couple of lightweight cover ups, just in case.


It can be a hassle to get boards down to Costa Rica, especially long boards due to size limitations on the airlines and rental cars. There are a couple places where you can rent surfboards and other water devices.

Do Not Over Pack

Don’t bring clothes you’re not going to use! We have clothes washers and our girls are more than happy to wash anything you need washed. We don’t charge for this service so please tip our girls accordingly. The airlines have penalty fees for overweight bags. Bring your tropical attire, a big smile and a will to discover an adventurous place like none other. Tres Palmas Vacation Villas Costa Rica has it all!

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