Frequantly Asked Questions?

Q1:  What airport do we fly to from our country?

San Jose is the closest International airport to Tres Palmas, the name is Juan Santamaria Airport, Code is SJO, it is in the capital city of Costa Rica. There are many international hubs worldwide that fly to SJO. If you would like assistance finding a carrier from your location city, we would be happy to help or arrange your itinerary for you.

Q2:  From san jose how do we get to tres palmas?

The exact location with coordinates is, Longitude 8.387334, -Latitude 83.283977, for a map.

The access to the property is an adventure in itself and will require a 4x4. There is a beautiful waterfall hike from the house that is a must-see. Très palmas is a wonderful destination! Thank you for everything.Tres Palmas, Flying is about 200 miles and takes about 45-50 mins, we will be happy to arrange your airfare for you to our nearest city of Puerto Jimenez. And by driving it is much longer due to the mountainous terrain of the country, it takes approx. 5-6 hours “But the views are great” We can arrange for a rental car for you or arrange for a Shuttle Van with driver to drive you. And, if you have time and want to stop along the way to see other sites and cities and do some tours, we can arrange multi-city lodging and tours for you on your way down before you get to Tres Palmas, just ask our manager.

Q3:  From Puerto Jimenez, what do we do?

If you chose to rent a car their salesperson will meet you at the airport and bring you to their office to finalize paperwork and give you the car. If you are not renting a car, we can arrange for a taxi/s to pick you up and bring you out to Tres Palmas. You will also have the opportunity to pick up your snacks and beverages that are not part of your food package. Or if you have chosen to have our caretaker/chef meet you and help pick out your food with you, and then he can bring 4 guests and the food and luggage.

Q4:  What are the sleeping arrangements?

We have more detailed info in Accommodations tab, we are not a hotel or lodge but rather an exotic private vacation residence, so we have a small staff, gardener, kitchen girl/masseuse and a caretaker/chef and his wife (will help with the luggage). In brief we have sleeping quarters for a max of 20 guests. We have four suites setup more as cabanas than in a typical home arrangement. We have two King Suites with king beds, full private baths with showers, and verandas, best suited for couples. We also have two Queen Suites, both are 2-bedroom suites, in the main area is a queen bed, and in the small bedroom is a bunk bed with double bed below and a single bed above, both have full private baths with showers, and verandas, a small living room with sofas, best suited for families. And finally we have a loft with two double beds and two single beds, the loft does not have a private bath, but a half bath at the bottom of the stairs, must share the shower with one of one of the four private baths. There are safes in all of the suites.

Q5:  Is there hot water and electricity?

Yes, we have hot water heaters in every suite and in the kitchen, they run off Propane so there might be a tank run empty if you suite doesn’t have hot water just ask our caretaker and he will change the tank out. And yes we have electricity; we are a solar powered property so there are some limitations and things that can’t be run, like hair dryers, curling irons. It is typical 120v AC power just like in the USA, so no adapters are needed. Please do not leave lights and fans on when you don’t need then, so we have plenty of power at night for fans and lights. We do however have a back-up generator in the event that there wasn’t enough sun that day, so don’t worry.

Q6:  Is there Wi-Fi internet?

We do have Wi-Fi internet in the main building. It is limited to what the servers have to offer as there are many factors that affect functionality, such as weather, ISP saturation, quantity of devices connected at the same time, etc. The service allows for basic operations like checking emails, sending small files, social media, internet surfing. The system is not designed to handle video streaming but at night it works a little better. The downloading of big files or uploading large files sizes is difficult.

Q7:  Do you provide a cook for us during our stay?

We have a professional Chef that has worked at one of the largest lodges in the Osa. His specialty is local cuisine but he can keep everyone happy if hamburgers or mac and cheese is needed for the kids. He and his team come in a couple hours in advance of each meal they prepare and serve the meal and then clean up the entire kitchen and dining area before leaving. Please let the manager know if there is anyone with a food allergy.

Q8:  Can i have the house stocked with food?

Yes, we arrange for the house to be stocked with most of the food needed for your stay. To have the freshest fruits and vegetables, its best to town mid-week for more. You may choose to pick out your personal preference items, cookies, sweets, alcohol or if you like we can get it all. We will work out a budget and food lists with you and then you can just add that amount to your final payment, along with deposits for tours.

Q9:  How far is the nearest beach and how do i get there?

Our nearest beach is Matapalo Beach, this is mostly a Surfing beach, which is a short 10 min hike down our path; we have steps that are level and graveled so good for most people of various ages. Small children and seniors may need assistance, children less than 5 yrs. old not recommended, or if you would rather it’s a 10min drive with a car. A short walk over to the left of this beach is a beach called Backwash Bay, which IF there are not large waves is good for swimming. Costa Rica is known for its waves and on the Pacific Ocean; there are many days with lots of waves. But, to the left of this beach and a short hike over is a great swimming beach even if there are waves everywhere as there is a point that juts out and protects its inside cove area, this beach is called Pan-Dulce. All three are breathtakingly beautiful beaches and deserve at least to be checked out, as they are surely Photo Opportunities!

Q10:  What's the weather like in osa peninsula?

It is year round between 70-95 degrees depending on the month. Our summer is from Dec- April, expect no rain and lots of sun (lots of sunscreen) great considering its snowing in many areas of the world during these months, but you will still need to cover up at night as the forest and cool ocean breezes keep you cool all year. And from May to Sept, (the green season) it rains a little during the day a passing shower or two, maybe at night, great for a good night’s sleep. And from Oct to Nov is our wettest months, where it rains more sometimes4 times a day on and off, some years are drier than others, but during a low pressure system it can rain all day. I must say, the green season is a great time to visit, no crowds, airfares, hotels well everything is cheaper. And everything is green; the forest comes alive this time of year, all the trees are in blossom which brings out more animals that our Dry Season, some animals only migrates here this time of year. If you have never experienced our Green Season you are missing an incredible time of year. The ocean waters are a constant 72-75 degrees all year long, great of all the water activities the Osa Peninsula offers!

Q11:  Do i need to speak Spanish?

It is not a necessity as many people speak English in all parts of Costa Rica. Our caretaker and Chef are fluent in both Spanish and English.

Q12:  Is the water safe to drink?

We have a gravity fed Artesian Well that is totally sealed off and is filtered with a 3-stage purification including a ultra violet lamp that would kill any bacteria. We have the water tested regularly and it is safe potable water, even in the showers and sinks in the bathrooms. We also provide a 5 gallon container of purified water. We can also bring in bottled water with your food supplies if you would like.

Q13:  Is there a hospital near the villa?

Yes, there is a small hospital in Puerto Jimenez open 24 hours a day that can handle most issues. There is a large hospital in Golfito for any more serious emergencies and there are air-ambulances to San Jose if needed.

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