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Comfort in Paradise

Stocking up: As we have already discussed, all 3 prepared meals are provided and have been communicated. If you wish to have additional snacks and drinks, please stop by the local B&M to grab any last minute goodies you wish on your own after you land. Please reach out to have your villa stocked for Alcohol. If you have rented a vehicle, gas up your vehicle whenever you are in town (only 1 gas station by market).

Money: We recommend you pay for 90% of your purchases in advance. I’d bring $700 between tip, massage, and local shopping. Many places take US currency along with credit cards starting to be accepted.

Flashlights: PLEASE take lighting seriously as you are staying in a jungle. Everyone needs to have a LED light (phone will do). Please stay on the cleared paths and roads at night to avoid any hazards.

Clothing: Stick with quick drying materials for overall wear. From Dec-April, the days are warm/hot, . May-August is somewhat cooler, never sweater weather, and Sept-Nov are our wet months, the Jungle is very lush but can be a bit rainy.

Shoes: Simple Crocs can do the job but bring water shoes, old Tennis shoes, or hiking boots depending on your adventures. Flip flops/sandals will only be useful while hanging on the villa areas but croc like shoes will be the bare minimum to be sufficient.

Electricity: We are on a solar powered system that produces 6000 watts on a sunny day. We have enough to store power for 3 days. PLEASE be mindful when leaving lights/fans on when not in rooms.

Hair Driers, Curling Irons, Etc.: PLEASE don’t plan on using them at Tres Palmas. We are on solar energy and they are VERY high energy consumers.

Water: The water is spring fed and is safe for drinking. We have a State of the Art, 3-stage filtration system that even includes an Ultra-violent sterilizing stage. All water is safe to drink but we do have commercial 3 gallon filter jug on site for sensitive stomachs. Be mindful of water usage.

Showering: Slowly turn the handle to the far right to initiate hot water (should hear it kick on) then adjust cold.

Bring Binoculars: There are lots of animals to observe within the local jungle. At certain times of the year, you can spot the big whales migrating!

Internet/TV: Internet is very limited for now only in the main area but Starlink is coming in 2024. We have satellite tv but can be limited due to weather/power. Enjoy the many views if not working!

Beaches: There are three main beaches below our property for fun filled day of exploring starting with Matapalo-rocky and expert surfing, then Backwash- easy surf w/smooth sand except on big swell days, and finally, Pan Dulce-best swimming w/ small waves.

Valuables: Keep your valuables locked in your walk-in closet, a very secure door. We’ve never had a theft, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. We have metal safes in a couple of the rooms too, that you can put your most valuables.

Driving Directions: Take (Route 245) the road (South from the gas station/market) towards Corcovado heading south from Puerto Jimenez. It’s approximately thirteen kilometers to the entrance. You will be on level road for most of the drive, after 20 mins or so you will get to a couple creeks (They have bridges now), best to leave the car in 2X4. I usually stay in 4- wheel-High drive on the way there as some slippery areas at times or loose gravel, but that’s up to you, most new cars are all-wheel drive and push a button only. You don’t really need four-wheel drive until you start your ascent into the hills at Matapalo. When you see Martina’s restaurant in between 2 creeks about a mile apart, just after is the Hill where you put in 4x4.

After the second river you will go a short way, and you will see a Fork in the road, and a left-hand turn going to the beaches, DO NOT TURN THERE, instead you will start up a hill, you need 4x4 here. At the top of this hill, to the right is Lapa Rios resort (you can’t miss their sign) continue a few more miles.

You will proceed up several hills and see an entrance to a Private Residence (on Left not there), one last curve/hill and you come to a level area (and a small private house on left side of road), and we are just past that about 100 meters the next entrance on the left.

You will find a metal gate at our entrance to Tres Palmas (see picture). The gate has an electronic gate opener, to make sure it stays closed and to keep out tour companies from bringing guests down in the forest area.

If you should miss the entrance and come to the following entrance to the resort ‘Bosque del Cabo’, turn around and back track ½ mile to our gate that will now be on your right. You will go down a gravel road through a teak farm, and then you will enter the Dense Primary-Forest (Jungle). It’s fairly level for about a quarter of a mile, and then you will start a steep descent. Make sure its in 4x4 LOW and the normal shifter is in LOW. There are three hills to descend just go slow, and steady no need to get a running start at it, just slow and steady. At the end of the last hill you will see our sign and enter there to Tres Palmas. Take your time coming down (Open the windows), there’s lots of animals and primary forest with 500-yearold trees. There, you’ve had your first adventure!! You will see our caretaker’s house/garage on left, drive past to left and our carport is ahead.

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