Corcovado National Park Hike

  • Duration:
    8-9 Hours
  • Price:
  • Other:
    Ages 6+


Approx. 8-9 hours/ Ages 6+ / $102 + additional $150 separate transportation

Are you an avid hiker? Than this is perfect for a full day adventure.  You will be surrounded by the vast biodiversity along with geographical distinct species only found in this national forest.  Be prepared to learn about all of those species and how they interact throughout their environment. The Corcovado National Forrest does not except any plastic or non reusable items so make sure you are packed accordingly.  You will need to have a photo of your passport ready in order to book this tour.  Transpiration, about 2 hours, is not include and varies in cost but we will arrange. Bring comfortable hiking gear, sunscreen, hat/visor and reusable water bottle.



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